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Hi all

Hope the weekend finished well and everyone was able to warm up and stay dry today. Also hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and the rare opportunity to watch their son compete in a Claremont uniform playing lacrosse. I hope the guys enjoyed themselves and were also proud of their efforts and accomplishments over the two days. It’s great to be able to get a chance to put into competition what we work on so much during practice/class.

All in all a very good weekend by your sons playing lacrosse in front of friends and family as well as representing the school and the program in a very good fashion. In total Claremont teams played 15 games this past Fri and Sat and came away with 15 victories. As well, with the help of the student government and the teachers involved I think the feature game and seniors night was a special evening for our grade 12’s and their parents. All that were there felt it was our best one yet (and the boys play was pretty special too).

Would like to thank all parents and players for their contribution to a successful 11th annual Spartan Shootout. The time spent helping score, set up fields, and raise dollars for the program are very much appreciated and a huge part of what makes for a well run tournament.

In particular I would like to pay special thanks to Caroline Mace, Cheryl Dobbie, and Michelle Glanfield for their outstanding help and time to make the tourney run. Caroline for coordinating the volunteers, Cheryl for her help with Friday Night Lights and the fundraising, and Michelle for putting together an outstanding program.

This week Mon and Wed will be at school (PE and/or fitness), Tues/Thur will be at the turf. Friday approx. half of the guys will be heading to Seattle for a tourney. Those details will be coming home either tomorrow or Tuesday in your son’s hands. I would like those forms and $$ back by Thur morning at the latest (sooner is better).

Exception to the schedule above is for the Grade 10’s on Monday as they are scheduled to get their first aid certification – it will take all 4 classes tomorrow and is a great resume builder as well as obvious life skills earned. If a test or major project is critical to attend regular classes, then please have your son let me know – the instructor comes back in semester two but they will end up taking with another class. So for tomorrow, grade 10’s are to not get changed and plan on going to upstairs to the weight room for the day of instruction.

Coach Reisig


Hi all,

Boys should know of schedule this week. At school Mon/Wed and at turf Tues/Thur is the plan right now – if busing can be arranged we may go to turf on Wed as well. Fri and Sat is our 12th Annual Spartan Shootout.

Big week this week as we finish it off with Friday Night Lights and the Spartan Shootout – a revised schedule has been updated and attached with a few changes. The whole weekend looks to be an exciting one as the guys love the chance to play at home in front of family and friends. It is impossible for Chris, Jesse, and I to manage getting the guys to and from games on time, etc. so as in past years that responsibility is placed on the boys themselves and their families. I will ensure teachers are aware they may need to be excused from classes Fri but if the schedule works and the ability to get our son to and from school to attend classes please do so.

The ‘script’ is not finalized quite yet for Fri but I have scheduled the tourney in a way that all Claremont players can be a part of the fun evening. The feature game is being done in conjunction with student government and efforts to get as much of the student body there as possible as well as raise some funds for KidSport.

GR 12 PARENTS – please do your best to be at the game Friday night. Can’t tell you all but you are a PART of the evening as we use the game as somewhat of a ‘Seniors night’ and use it to honour the graduating guys and thank their parents. I want and hope that ALL parents and ALL guys will be a part of the evening.

Lastly – Caroline Mace has already sent out a volunteer list for help with the tourney. HELP is an absolute must and an expectation to make this tournament a success. Please find a space to do your part. With close to 200 parents available this should make for light work if all do a little!!! Hearing Topaz on Sat needs a little support – I will also allocate gr 11/12 players to be a part of that process as needed but…adults are needed too. Thanks to all who have done so much in raising dollars for the program as it is already our most successful yet!

In regards to Seattle info I’ll be sending an email out with info and instructions for the guys who will be travelling to the Space Needle tourney in 2 weeks early this week.

Thanks – Coach Reisig

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The Spartan Shootout is set for Nov. 25/26, 2016 at Topaz Park and UVic.

The highlight will be the Friday Night Lights game on Friday, Nov. 25 at 7:30pm at UVic with the Seniors playing Mercer Island. This is a memorable game for our seniors with a variety of events planned to make the night a special one. Tickets are $2 at the school or by donation at the door. The event is a fundraiser for Kidsport.

Please share the info about the game with friends and family.

For all information related to the Shootout including schedules, please go here –

Spartan Shootout - Nov 25/26, 2016

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The Spartan Shootout is set for Nov. 25/26, 2016 at Topaz Park and UVic. The highlight will be the Friday Night Lights game at UVic. This event is a fundraiser for Kidsport.

For all information related to the Shootout including schedules, please check this page of the site –

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Hope everyone enjoyed their extended long weekend! ‘Fall ball’ means busy times for lacrosse at Claremont (and outside of Claremont). Congratulations to the club teams and their athletes for their participation and success this past weekend in Richmond.

This week at Claremont the focus will be lacrosse and prep for the Spartan Shootout and the Space Needle tournament. The weather looks to be in our favour finally so we are planning at being at the turf every day this week. Busing has been arranged so please have your (jr) sons be dropped off at the turf each morning.

All information for the Spartan Shootout has been added to the site on a new page you can see in the menu across the top. Here is a link to the page –

On that page you will find the 2016 team rosters chosen for our Spartan Shootout tournament with the intent of dividing them as equally as possible (the Sr grade 12 captains took the credit and did a ‘fantasy draft’ for the two sr teams so the competitive chatter has already begun). It should lead to a competitive two weeks of practice for both groups!!

As well, the tourney schedule is posted – I hope it is now FINAL as it has been done and redone several times but do think all requests have been accommodated and can now look forward to the games.

Friday night will be a special night for the whole program, especially our graduating class of gr 12’s. The schedule has been worked to ensure all guys will be playing prior to the big event and some special events have been planned by the student government, student body, and parent volunteers to make it our version of ’Senior’s Night’. A poster and KidSport fundraiser are being arranged in conjunction with the evening and it promises to be a fun night.

Now that the schedule is released I know Caroline Mace will soon be sending out volunteer requests. I encourage all families to be involved with this as it is CRITICAL to the event running smoothly. The coaches and organizing group can NOT do it all and it’s expected that all families contribute in some way to help. Saturday games at Topaz do not include any Claremont teams to allow Chris and I to remain at UVic but Topaz will still need to be organized and run by us. I will wait until volunteer schedule is out and filled but will help by scheduling some of our gr 11/12 guys to be helping with scorekeeping, etc when they are not playing at UVic but they will also need some adult support and help.

Lastly, the Space Needle teams will be posted at school Tuesday afternoon. As always, team selection has been a difficult process and your patience is appreciated.

Coach Reisig