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Hello all – hope weekends were good!

This week each class will be going on two field trips and have a little fun!

Reminder to the 9/10 class that we are at Commonwealth Pool tomorrow. All said they would be meeting at the pool by 9:00 but if someone needs a ride I’ll be leaving the school at approx 8:45.

Thur the 9/10 class will be at Panorama for a skate and most also said they could meet there but a few others needed rides. Bussing has been arranged for return rides to Claremont.

It looks to be a cold week coming so make sure all are prepared with appropriate clothing if needed if we are outdoors. Hopefully the potential snow is a non issue.

Darren Reisig
Athletic Director
Head lacrosse coach
Claremont school

Weekend wrap-up, next week

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse at Dec 2, 2019 5:47AM PST

Evening all -hope Sunday was restful and warmer than the weekend was but..what a weekend it was was!!! 40 games, 4 teams playing, 84 student athletes representing Claremont lacrosse and one of the more memorable Friday Night Lights that I can think of. What an exciting double OT win and what a great game. See attached celebration pic!!

Before I forget I want to thank so many people ad don’t want to forget any so I’ll start with a generic thank you to every single Claremont
lacrosse parent as well as the players. All had an integral part in the success of the 15th annual Spartan Shootout.

Special thanks to the following people who had a slight bigger role in the organizing and success of the weekend;

Lindsay Pepper for her countless hours and emails to help coordinate the volunteers and make that seamless as well as her own volunteer hours on the score table. A huge job that is thankless.

Mike Verhagen, Kevin Morrison, and their ‘crews’ for set up and take downs of the fields and having them ready to play.Mike also took on the supervisory role of Topaz for Sat

Michelle Glanfield for once again producing an amazing program (and her sons graduated years ago?!!?!?)

Cheryl Brown for her awesome job of securing and arranging sponsors as well as the coordination of flowers, programs, and parents for Friday Night Lights (another graduated son from 2017)

Gary Johansen (and Marilyn) for taking the FNL pics for our seniors (these will be available for our gr 12’s and their parents fairly soon)

Colin Plant for his work as emcee, Pete Westhaver for his help with FNL, and the many Claremont staff that attended and helped with Friday Night Lights

Claremont girls lacrosse and Coach Taylor and Jenner for their help with the gate and concession

The referees for their willingness to do more games than normal due to a shortage

And of course your Claremont Coaching staff Chris McKay and Liam Kelly (and Denton Macdonald)

I think that is all but if I left anyone out I apologize and do thank you

This week;
Mon – we will be at school and not the turf as previously planned
Tues – lacrosse at the turf
Wed – PE/training at school
Thur – lacrosse at the turf
Fri – travel teams to Seattle (9:00 ferry), those that aren’t attending will have PE with Mr Bowd

Permission forms and details will be in the hands of your sons tomorrow – please try to return with $$ Tues or Wed

Have a good week!

Athletic Director
Head Lacrosse Coach
Claremont Secondary
4980 Wesley Road, Victoria, BC V8Y 1Y9


Hello all – well….took too long and was tough to be away for 3 weeks but at least it is done and we can get back to normal and routines

I’ll update the calendar/schedule at school for the boys as well as team site but…here is a quick snap shot for upcoming weeks

Mon, Nov 18 – please bring cleats, runners, and gear for lacrosse. Tomorrow will be chaos with facilities and schedules. I couldn’t arrange busing on the Sunday for Monday so we will be at school. Likely some good training/running wouldn’t be a bad thing!!
Tues, Nov 19 – Lacrosse at the turf
Wed, Nov 20 – PE/training at school
Thur, Nov 21 – Lacrosse at the turf
Fri, Nov 22 – Lacrosse at the turf

Mon, Nov 25 – Lacrosse at the turf
Tues, Nov 26 – Lacrosse at the turf
Wed, Nov 27 – PE/training at school
Thur, Nov 28 – Lacrosse at the turf
Fri, Nov 29/Sat, Nov 30 – Spartan Shootout (see below)

Mon, Dec 2 – Lacrosse at the turf
Tues, Dec 3 – Lacrosse at the turf
Wed, Dec 4 – PE/training at school
Thur, Dec 5 – Lacrosse at the turf
Fri-Sun, Dec 8 – Space Needle tourney in Seattle (see below)

Spartan Shootout – Nov 29/30
-teams are attached and I think are set (I hope no one is missed – did from home last week)
-we will have 4 set teams as well as gr 12 team and other grades at times too
-schedule is complete and in draft but before releasing am waiting on one more team from Vancouver
-games will be at Topaz park on Fri, UVic Fri night and both venues Saturday
-Friday Night Lights (our ‘seniors night’) is set for 7:30 at UVic with all guys in all grades playing prior so all players can be apart of the evening
-Gr 12 parents will be invited on the field prior to opening faceoff for a pic as well as a small gift.
-the coaches will be pulled in many different directions and may only get to games/fields prior to the start. The boys will be told and informed of schedule and expectations but it is critical they are responsible for being where they need to be for each and every game (transportation is not arranged for the Fri/Sat)
-Sponsorship ads for the program are still being asked for and likely all week will be ok to get those in. For any gold sponsors its important for Cheryl to know as our tourney shirts will have those logos
-More info to come as it unfolds
-lastly and VERY IMPORTANT – Lindsay Pepper will be sending out a volunteer request document when schedule is final. It is CRITICAL that all families please do their part and help as needed. With 21 teams, 2 venues, 5 fields, and 38 games it is too much for a few coaches and parents to run all

Space Needle tournament – Dec 6-8 in Seattle
-one gr 9/10 team and one gr 11/12 team of approx 20-22 players
-team selection is almost complete and we hope to have posted at school by Tues or Wed
-schedule will be out soon from tourney director
-permission forms to come with itinerary, details, and costs (approx $150-175)
-we will leave Fri from school using school bus, coach vehicles, and a few parent helpers (If you are able to do so please ensure that you have done the volunteer driving form and CRC both available on our school site under parent volunteers tab) – I’m guessing that we will need 2, maybe 3 drivers to help
-once in Seattle the boys will travel with a team and as a team as well as leaving Seattle as a program
-more details to come

thx – Darren

Athletic Director
Head Lacrosse Coach
Claremont Secondary
4980 Wesley Road, Victoria, BC V8Y 1Y9

The document Spartan_Shootout_rosters_2019.docx was attached to this post.


Hello all – hope weekends were good. Info about this week, screamfest and the Spartan Shootout.

This week will be a fun and exciting time of Halloween fun with the schools annual Screamfest. It takes place on Wed and Thur night this week with its famous haunted walk (very scary – trust me), midway games, Vortex tunnel, food, and prizes. It’s a fantastic school and community event and one that I hope all of the guys attend (sounds like Claremont kids are going Thur night). Tickets are $10 and available all week at lunch. It is definitely an experience and full value.

If your son didn’t tell you they were a big part and huge help of the set up of the event on Fri helping bring 5 truckloads of Halloween ‘stuff’ from storage to the school’. It was awesome how well they did and we will be doing the same this Fri when it’s over deconstructing and taking all back. It’s a Pro D Day and we will look to get this done from 10-4:00 that day. In addition if there are any parents available Friday morning to help with some of the more technical deconstruction and use of tools that would be great. Let me know if that is a possibility Fri (Oct 25) morning

This week
Monday -
Jr class will have a challenge as we are hosting the election and Screamfest. That leaves us with few places to be and it is going to rain. We will either be in the weight room or will be outside and will do a hot chocolate run (bring $2 or $3).To be safe please bring cleats and runners as well as prepared to dress for rain

Sr class will be strength training in weight room

Tues to Thur -
Both classes will be doing lacrosse. If bussing is available we will start this week by going to Lochside Turf. Possibly Tues and almost certain on Thur
For this to work best it’s easiest if the jr class can be dropped off or arrange to go to turf for 8:45/50. Bussing is arranges to transport the students back to school at 10:00.
The sr class has many guys who can and want to drive. To do this they will need to fill out the form 3040 D as well as get their abstract done online. (found on our website under the parent tab and volunteer section – take 3-5 minutes)

Fri (Pro D) -
As noted above will need all guys for 2-3 hours of help to help get material back to storage. I’m guessing 11ish to 2:00 but will know more as we get closer and will tell the boys.
(Not that I feel this why to do it but…the lacrosse program does benefit financially from the event)

Spartan Shootout
I apologize for not having this out sooner but have been having a difficult time with UVic securing fields. It’s still not 100% but I’m confident all will work out. The dates are Nov 29/30. I will have a schedule out by mid Nov so all can sign up for the volunteer times. The 29th will be our annual Fri Night Lights which has become a bit of senior night for our gr 12’s and their parents. In addition we run a great program and there is an opportunity for $$ to be raised directly for the player/families. Cheryl will be sending out more information and the sponsorship letter on that early this week.

Thx – Darren


Athletic Director

Head Lacrosse Coach

Claremont Secondary

4980 Wesley Road, Victoria, BC V8Y 1Y9


Hello all – hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and time with family.

Before going into this week just wanted to say a huge thanks to all the boys (and parents) who were up and at it early Sunday morning to marshal for the Victoria Marathon. I believe that was our 15th year volunteering at the race and once again the guys were a small part of a pretty inspiring event. As well, the comments from people involved with the race, the police, and comments in general were all very positive and the guys carried themselves very well at the race Sunday. Please bring VESTS in tomorrow morning.

A quick note of last Friday’s games at NDSS – lots of mistakes to correct and lots to work on but in general a pretty good effort and play from both the gr 9/10 teams and the gr 11/12 team. Looking forward to reviewing the video which NDSS took which we can view together and discuss.

This week will be our first aid certification for all our gr 10’s all week. In the past we have done over two days but using all 4 classes allows the boys to be certified without missing other classes. Assuming all goes well every grade 10 will have certification in first aid that can be used and added to their resumes.

Gr 9’s will have a combination of PE, strength training, and fitness – please bring cleats and runners every day.

Gr 11/12’s will have lacrosse Tues to Thur. We are very hopeful that NDSS can arrange transportation for next Thur. If they can the sr class will be scrimmaging them as we did last Fri. Time is TBA but likely 10:30-12:30.

This Fri is the beginning of a week long effort that culminates into next Wed and Thursday (Oct 23/24) annual Screamfest held at Claremont. The lacrosse group will be a big part on the setting up of the event this Fri and the take down next Thur night and Fri. It is a great community event, very scary Hall’o’ween fun, and…a good fundraiser for the school. In the past the lacrosse have been great supporters of this event and hope to see the boys do so once again next week on Wed or Thur night

Have a good week.

Athletic Director
Head Lacrosse Coach
Claremont Secondary
4980 Wesley Road, Victoria, BC V8Y 1Y9