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Hello again lacrosse families,

Thanks to the families that have already volunteered to help with the bottle drive. We still need some more helpers, so I have created a sign-up genius so you can easily sign-up for a specific time to come out and help.

Those volunteering to be drivers, we need you to meet at the school at 9am so we can map out the areas to be covered. The sign-up time for drivers is 9-2, but it essentially is more about the area you will cover rather than a specific time.

This link will take you to the sign-up genius:

Don’t forget to have your athlete canvas your neighborhood with the flyer attached.

Thank you,
Linda Jenner

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Welcome - Claremont Lacrosse 2022/23

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse at Sep 11, 2022 10:41AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Here is the welcome email again for reference. The documents attached to the original email have all been saved in the documents section of Team Pages.

Hello Claremont Lacrosse families:

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable and somewhat restful summer. With the September long weekend coming to an end, its back to work and reality for all staff and students. We are looking forward to another great of group of young men as we begin our 19th year of Claremont Lacrosse. Thankfully, it appears (cross fingers) that we are returning to full normalcy and out of most, if not all Covid restrictions.

Congratulations to all of our Claremont Spartans wearing the Team BC uniforms and their recent successes at the Canada Games and field nationals as well as the many guys within the jr programs of the Shamrocks and Timbermen. Great work this summer.

As always, it will be an exciting start with the guys returning this week for their short intro days Tues (gr 9’s only) or Wed (gr 9-12) at 12:15 each day and then the first full official days this Thursday (Sept 8) and Friday (Sept 9)
All should have received the link below but in case missed or forgotten here is a link that has all info pertaining to the school start up.

I’ve attached a few documents so you can have for reference that will also be provided to your sons via their google classrooms (new students will need their district emails before acccessing which will be done this week) and we will review Thursday. Our new students to the district should receive their Saanich school emails very soon to enrol. Returning students will be sent an invite to join this weekend

-JR Lacrosse 9/10 – code is i6z3x6k

-SR Lacrosse 9/10 – code is vbznobi

In an attempt to be as ‘paperless as possible’ the bulk of forms and information will be available via the ‘classrooms’ via google but any new information or forms that require signature will be sent home with your son and hopefully returned soon after.

The timetable has returned to a semester model. The scheduled times for our classes are below.

Gr 9/10 class (Block 1) – 9:00-10:19

Gr 11/12 class (Block 2) – 10:25-11:45

The goal of the first few weeks will be focused on our training, team building, and a plan to come together as a jr group and sr group. Lacrosse will be introduced soon after and we will follow the schedule/calendar that is posted for all the guys so they are aware of what the plan is at all times. If like in years past, I’m sure their effort(s) over the first few weeks will be outstanding and set the mark for what we will be working to achieve and expect all year!! They will push each other and encourage each other throughout the training and it is always great to see and be a part of!!

The information below are areas that we will cover with the guys this week but is also important for all parents/families to have and be aware of. If at any time there are questions/concerns please feel free to email myself at

Thanks – Darren

Coaching Staff

Director and Head Coach – Darren Reisig
Co Coach – Chris McKay
Assistant Coaches – Scott Browining and Robert Marshall
-additionally we are fortunate to have many alumni, college players, and professionals join us at times for their help and input

Items attached;

Schedule/Calendar – Outside of our daily schedules lacrosse and training done within the timetable we are fortunate to have a very full schedule with tournaments, games, and team activities throughout the year. We will do our very best to do all what is planned but may have to make some adaptations. Attached is a tentative schedule for your information.

Travel – see attached

As in the past, much of our travel is for gr 11/12 students but…there are and will be opportunities for all grades at times throughout the year. This year’s senior group is strong in talent and ability and it will be a challenge for coaches when selecting travel rosters. Each day needs to be approached as an opportunity for guys to challenge, compete, and push each other every day at practice. We will do our best to include as many as we can when we travel but ask that players have patience.
If questions arise or a chat is required I ask that the athlete approach Chris and I to discuss. We feel that this is something that the athlete and coach(es) should discuss on our own – please encourage your son to do so anytime as the door is always open.

Code of Conduct – this sheet will be sent home and we will discuss as a group. We do try to hold ourselves as a program to the highest standard possible and the code of conduct gives the parameters and expectations that we want to see. Any questions on that please let me know

Lacrosse wear order form – this is for the parents/family and any others wanting ‘extra’. The boys will get their ‘swag’ in mid to late September. In the past, parents have asked/requested Claremont lacrosse wear so therefore, an order form would be appropriate if wanted. Please return the order form by Fri, Sept 9 and will try to have product by the end of September. Payment can be made either by cheque with the form or later when product arrives. Future orders will be available later in the year as well.

Additional forms to come home this week will be a medical form and a district field trip form we use for trips done within class time (Lochisde turf for example)

Other Information

Team website – Information, news, schedules, pictures, and much more is posted here. We usually communicate through your sons and make it their responsibility but are aware that system isn’t perfect and when necessary will communicate using email and the Team Pages website to pass on information.
TeamPages: Claremont Lacrosse – Claremont Lacrosse
TeamPages provides amateur sport teams with free and easy to use team websites to post their schedules, scores, news, photos, videos, and updates. TeamPages makes team management and communication easy.

Darlene Oman has thankfully offered to continue as webmaster and will run our team site. She can be reached at ​

Fundraising – On our calendar attached are some events and dates that we traditionally do as a program. The program in general normally has numerous costs to it that help with travel and transportation that are outside of the annual program fees. As well and as mentioned prior, there is a fair amount of travel that if we can fundraise as a group and individually it can help offset registration fees, team transportation, or individual’s costs at hotels.

There are few dates (see attached) that we target as a group. Options such as bottle drives, meat sales, Red Barn/Thrifty cards (Lisa Carson), cookie sales, poinsettia and hanging baskets, Hillside night of lights, Beer n’ Burger night will be announced when confirmed. With 80+ students and close to 200 parents when all ‘chip in’ these work amazingly well. The Victoria Marathon on Oct 9 (an annual event that is TBA) and the annual Spartan Shootout and Friday Night Lights (Nov 25/26) are also big events that are looked forward to.

Bottle Drive – tentatively scheduled for Sat, Oct 1. Save up your recycling. Unfortunately we have lost some of our key organizers for our hugely successful bottle drives and we are in need of 2 or 3 parents to fill this role. (Note – we target 2, maybe 3 bottle drives a year)

Expectations – this will heard often from myself, Chris,and all coaches – if the boys can maintain the expectations listed below and maintain their level of effort as best they can they will have an excellent 4 years of lacrosse at Claremont

1) Do their best (in all blocks)
2) Attend their classes
3) Do what they are asked to do by the adults in the building
4) Hand in all their assignments.
and…..‘Be Kind’

Driving/Transportation – we rely on both parent and student drivers often. The gr 11 and 12’s for when we travel to the turf and parents for when we travel. To do this parents need to complete the link below as well as do their abstracts via ICBC (I did mine and it took only a few minutes). The boys need to also do a form called 3040-D (student drivers) as well as what parents need to do.

Please do this asap if you are attending our trips and are wanting to assist with driving as many do. This info is also on our main page under ‘Parents’ at the top

School Volunteer Information
The Saanich School District appreciates the many volunteers who support our students throughout the year. We are committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for our students and therefore ask volunteers to provide schools with the following information:
Criminal Record Checks (CRC’s) – In addition to the volunteer driving forms, CRC’s are required by any and all adults who may be in a ‘supervisory role’ – this is sometimes needed when we travel as a group either by air and then rental cars or when we go to Vancouver or Seattle. Please follow instructions below and complete the link/site if you have not had one done in the last year

Criminal Record Checks Volunteers are required to complete a Criminal Record Check every three years.

Please apply online to the Ministry of Justice Criminal Records Review Program at and use Access Code UV53DWHBYX.

Your Criminal Record Check will be sent to the School Board Office for review. Alternatively, you are able to share the results of a previous CRC completed through the Ministry of Justice within the past three years.

PLEASE NOTE: The Criminal Records Review Program is implementing a new process for Electronic Identify Verification using the BC Services Card. If you are using the BC Services Card to access the online service for the first time you will be directed to activate your card by video or alternatively you can do this in person through Service BC. Once you receive notification from BC Services that the verification process is complete, you will need to return to the eCRC system to complete your request for Criminal Record Check with the Saanich School District.

Please see the eCRC User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

  • Applicants who do not have a BC Services Card can visit their catchment school office to complete a ‘Volunteer Consent to a Criminal Record Check’ Form.
    Volunteer Drivers In addition to completing a Criminal Record Check, Volunteer Drivers are required to complete the following steps each school year:

1. Request a copy of your Driver’s Abstract.
You can either: a. Apply online:
b. Visit your local ICBC branch. Please bring your driver’s license and another form of ID. OR
c. Call ICBC on 250-978-8300. Please have your driver’s license number ready.

2. Complete Volunteer Driver Application.

3. Bring the completed form to your school office along with a copy of your Driver’s Abstract, Driver’s License and insurance document. We greatly appreciate all of our volunteers taking the time to complete this process. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Please feel free to contact your school office for more information. Saanich Schools Website Volunteer Information

Volunteer Drivers

In addition to completing a Criminal Record Check, Volunteer Drivers are required to complete the following steps each school year:

Request a copy of your Driver’s Abstract. You can either:

Apply online:
Visit your local ICBC branch. Please bring your driver’s license and another form of ID. OR
Call ICBC on 250-978-8300. Please have your driver’s license number ready.
Complete Volunteer Driver Application.
Bring the completed form to your school office along with a copy of your Driver’s Abstract, Driver’s License and insurance document.

We greatly appreciate all of our volunteers taking the time to complete this process. All information will be kept strictly confidential. Please feel free to contact your school office for more information

Program Fees – deposits of $250 were paid by many last spring but in case this was missed please try to get those in asap, (if not already done). New students are $1375 and returning students are $1200. The remainder is requested for Sept 30 or can be given throughout the year if it works for you and if easier.

Fee Payment in Saanich School District In an effort to reduce time, money, and paper waste, parents have the option to pay their children’s fees securely online. You can create an account or access your existing account through the district website at Please click on Resources then Pay School Fees Online. If you have any concerns, please contact Belinda Waller at 250-658-6672.

As instructed by admin, I’ve been asked to not hand out gear/clothing until this is done and I do hope to be able to get that into all the guys hands by the 3rd or 4th week of September this year so please do your best.

A lot to read and take in but hopefully helpful. Feel free to get a hold of me by email anytime – I may not get back to you immediately but will as soon as I can. We will work hard to make this another great year for Claremont lacrosse!! I know the coaches are are excited to get to work. Looking forward to a great year.

If any questions, thoughts, or concerns please feel free to email me and I’ll get back to you asap

Thanks – Darren
(on behalf of Chris, Scott, and Bert)


Athletic Director
Head Lacrosse Coach
LVISSAA President
Claremont Secondary
4980 Wesley Road, Victoria, BC V8Y 1Y9

Denver Shootout

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Wow!!! What a finish. All should be very proud of their recent accomplishments this past weekend in Denver. It was crazy, chaotic, and very busy but great to be back to the Denver Shootout after a 3-year hiatus. It was almost perfect with our older guys making the final once again. 3-3 at halftime things were still looking ok but..unfortunately a very good Denver Elite team pulled away.

As we told the boys though – the loss doesn’t mean they failed. It was just one instance in a 4-year journey that every one of them should be proud of being a part of and completing. The tears at the end weren’t due to the loss but instead because this journey is now over and it meant something to all.

The coaches are extremely proud to have been a small part of each and every one of the grade 12 class’s path through high school and wish these young men the very best of luck beyond high school and look forward to shaking their hands as they cross the stage next week.

The younger guys also did an amazing job this weekend and saw what it takes and means to play at the highest levels possible as they carry the ‘Spartan torch’ in the coming years.

Darren Reisig
Athletic Director
Head lacrosse coach
Claremont school

Friends & Family Bottle Drive Tomorrow

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With all the indoor schedules and very busy times as well as numerous other groups already doing bottle drives we are going to do a ‘Friends and Family’ bottle drive where we pick and /or they can drop off and we will sort at Claremont

Tomorrow – Sat, May 28 from 8:30/9:00 to 11:00

All the boys know and have agreed to be there to help. Ideally we will use gr 11/12 guys to do pickups but if you have a truck that would be awesome. Other guys will be at the school sorting and then taking to the depot

Please email, post on FB, and IG to get the word out


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Bottle Drive Update

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Hello all – we (Ang Gault, Kevin Morrison and Mike Verhagen) have been trying to find a date to do a non sort bottle drive but there were 3 in the area that kept getting in the way, causing us to postpone hoping for a date that worked for all.

With box lacrosse in full swing, finding a date on a weekend that works for all will be next to impossible so…we are going with two other options

We have set up our Claremont lacrosse acct for those families who have the piles building up (or friends) and want to get them out of their garage. Please take in, sort, and tell cashier that it goes into the Claremont LACROSSE acct (make sure you say lacrosse as there are two others tied to Claremont there.

If you want to have families drop off bottles and put them on the Claremont Lacrosse account, please be sure to have them bring their receipt (even just take a picture and text it). In the past, we have had friends drop off bottles for the lacrosse academy and when I went to collect they had no record of it (and asked for receipts).

Option 2 – I will work out with the guys where we attempt to have a ‘non sort’ pickup day where approx 5-6 vehicles are doing pickups and 15-20 guys are at depot organizing as needed for non sort. Many of the guys (myself included) have numerous locations to pick up large mounts and if we can pick the same 2 hours on a Sat or Sun morning we will do so. Will check schedules and see if possible next weekend