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Claremont Lacrosse - update for Feb 19

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse at Feb 18, 2018 8:10PM PST

The sports psych guy is sick so all players to bring clothes for an active activity tomorrow (TBD in the morning).

Coach Reisig


Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Schedule is posted, here is the upcoming week:

Monday – Sports psychologist presentation #2 (Zoran Stojkovic)
Tues/Thur – lacrosse at the turf
Wed – PE at school
Fri – sr travel team leaves for Las Vegas Best of the West tournament

News and schedule for BC’s should be available next week.

Good luck to the BBall/lacrosse players this weekend – sr guys heading to Cowichan for the Islands while the jr guys placed 3rd this weekend in Shawnigan and have qualified for the BC Championships starting Sat in Langley.

Coach Reisig


Hi all – hope weekend was good and exams went well. Onto semester 2 tomorrow and a fresh start for all (everybody has 100% right now). A reminder to get off to a good start, not fall behind, and establish good habits of attendance, assignments, and study habits for each class!!!

For lacrosse class we are back at the turf every Tues and Thur until high school BC’s starting tomorrow (Jan 30) – other dates are filled depending on facilities and weather with strength, fitness, PE, and other activities. As well, 3 sessions with a sports psychology specialist have been booked and am looking forward to that for all.

This week Tues (lacrosse), Wed (PE), Thur (lacrosse), and Fri (strength training).

Upcoming dates to keep in mind;
Feb 23-26 – sr travel team to Best of West tournament in Vegas
Mar 7-9 – projected dates for high school BC’s (waiting on confirmation)

And…for Denver most of the planning is done and next steps are securing flights and naming teams. This will be done asap and we will be taking two teams again likely with a mix of gr 10-12 as the makeup

Looking forward to an excellent semester 2 for all – Coach Reisig


Hi everyone – hope all had a good weekend. Lots of sickness out there so wash hands, take meds, and stay healthy!!!

Want to start by thanking Kevin Reiberger for the leadership and organization of Saturday’s bottle drive. Thx to him and the many Spartan parents, families, and players helping we as a program raised over $4,000 dollars on the day. Will likely get close to $4,500 when all is said and done. Congratulations and thx to all!! A Great team effort.

This is last week of Semester 1. For us it will be a mix of P.E., training, and for sr guys a field trip or two.

The following week are exams all week so hopefully guys are already prepping and hitting the books to do as well as they possibly can.

The following week is semester 2 and we will be back at the turf every Tues and Thur at minimum and the schedule for the month will be available soon.

Two dates to keep in mind that are in the near future;

  • Best of the West tourney in Vegas for the sr team – Feb 23-26.
  • High school Provincials – these weren’t looking good as of two weeks ago but some key guys in Vancouver are working hard to put together. Assuming it does all work, the dates look to be Mar 5-9 but only Mar 7-9 for teams out of town.

Coach Reisig

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Bottle Drive Reminder - Saturday, Jan. 13

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse at Jan 10, 2018 8:16PM PST

Happy New Year to all – hope the holidays went well for all.

A note from Kevin and the parents organizing the bottle drive this Sat – a reminder that it starts at 9:00 at Glanford Bottle Depot. Both groups were talked with today about making their best efforts to make this a success and that unless at work, sport, or something prior and important that all are expected to contribute. The plan is that all come in at 9:00 with full trucks, cars, trunks, etc and drop off – some stay to sort, some move on to get more.

Unfortunately there are approx 4 or 5 bottle drives going on in the Claremont area this weekend but we will be papering the area anyway – important on the day to make sure we only take what is allocated for us and not others (our not attached will be a different colour and easy to see).

The most important piece and I have encouraged, impressed upon, told is that ALL guys paper their own neighbourhood/area. The target from each person’s house and neighbourhood should be $50-100. If we all can bring in $300 as Mace boys did doing this format from own houses and neighbourhood then what we get around Claremont will be a bonus (I’ve already collected from my friends, my house, my parents, and I’ll have a truckload!). I have attached a document to be used around your homes. I’ll also put in your son’s hands tomorrow.

I plan on being there approx 10:00 to help.

Many of the boys in gr 12 have trucks and can drive but ideally a few more parents with trucks would be helpful too.

Thx for organizing and see some Sat.


The document bottle_drive_-_2018.pdf was attached to this post.