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Happy Mother’s Day to all the lacrosse moms and hope all the moms had a great day!!

Hope everyone was able to enjoy some sun and get out of the arenas.

Busy week this week as the Claremont lacrosse athletes become teachers this week. Tomorrow we are helping at Cordova Bay Elementary and asking that all 9/10’s get dropped off there (go to the field at side) where we will begin the first of 4 classes. (Any that can’t be dropped off there please report to Mr Dunlop). The jr class will run back to school and the older guys take over in blk 2.

Tues and Thur are lacrosse at school.

Wed is P.E. except for the 10 sr teaching all stars who are with me at Kelset Elem (as we were last Wed).

Fri – TBA.

Thx – Coach Reisig


Welcome back – hope all enjoyed their weekend and had successful weekends for their respective box teams

This week:
Mon – Sports psych for both classes. Attendance as always is mandatory.
Tues/Thur – lacrosse at the school.
Wed – P.E./fitness/strength.

Coach Reisig

Burger and Beverage Night - May 27

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse at Apr 12, 2018 9:39PM PDT

The Claremont Lacrosse Academies Beer and Burger Night will be at the Moon Under Water Pub on Sunday May 27th from 4-8pm.

Tickets will be $25. You will be able to order tickets via and you can e-transfer payment to the same address. Please use the password lacrosse and make note of the player.

We are requesting that each family obtain two silent auction items to be used for the silent auction component of the evening. We are also looking for smaller to be used as door prizes in addition to auction items. Please find attached the donation request letter.

If you have any questions please email them to

The document Claremont_lacrosse_Beer_and_Burger_Night.pdf was attached to this post.


Hope everyone enjoyed their spring/Easter break. With indoor lacrosse also being a huge focus for most of the guys we will look to try and find a balance of training, strength, and lacrosse so as to not burn guys out or overtrain.

The rest of the month will be posted later this week but for planning this week:

Jr class — Tues – strength train, Wed – PE, and Thur – fitness

Sr class — Tues – strength train or fitness, Wed – PE, and Thur – TBA.

Both classes will have a boot camp on Friday.

See everyone tomorrow.

Coach Reisig


Congratulations to all Spartan lacrosse players. Your performance on the field and actions off it showed class and respect at all times. All players should be very proud of their efforts and contributions for an excellent display of lacrosse this week. It was noted by many!

The sr teams were very strong and went undefeated throughout tourney play (except for our own inter squad on Tues) beating very good teams from coquitlam and mission. The ‘final’ wasn’t much of a game as players were playing different positions and the concern for making the 7 ferry was a higher priority. There’s a possibility a ‘real’ final is played this week or we create a series in Apr? TBD

Chris, Liam, and I have already told the jr teams that we were proud of their play and efforts. Until the final they also went undefeated in tourney play and considering we were a little thin in numbers and split the teams evenly in talent all players should very happy with the progress and development shown this week. Both teams made the semis playing as many games as could be scheduled through the week and…..if not for a few mistakes and tired legs our split squad likely would have taken the final game as well.

Excellent play and display of Spartan lacrosse!!!

This week;
Mon – sports psych presentation for all guys. All must attend!
Tues – will be a study block and used for all to catch up/make up work missed
Wed – same as Tues if needed. If not will be P.E. in main gym
Thur – TBA. Possible rematch or true final for sr teams.
Fri – TBA

Thanks – Darren