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Claremont Lacrosse - Thrifty Smile Cards

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse at Oct 22, 2018 7:21PM PDT

There are now more Thrifty Smile Cards available. Several parents mentioned back in September that they would like some.

These are not prepaid, and are an excellent way to contribute to the lacrosse program.

You can load the card with whatever amount you choose, and then reload again when

Please contact me at with the number of cards you want
and the name of your player, so I can give them to Darren to pass on to the boys.

Thank you for your support!


Hope all enjoyed the continued good weather this weekend – sadly, looks like that may end soon.

This week we continue to prep and get ready for upcoming competition with both levels of the program – coming soon for the guys going back east, and our tourney, as well as the Space Needle tournament are coming up quick (btw – tentative lineups for those as well as San Diego and Vegas for the senior teams will go up at some point this week).

Mon – lacrosse at the school
Tues – jr lacrosse at the school, sr lacrosse at the turf – fortunate again to have a college coach visiting and watching the guys practice (Coach Mark Myashita from D1 Canisius will be with us for the day)
Wed – PE/Fitness
Thur – lacrosse at the turf (like last week jr guys to be dropped off at 8:50ish)
Fri – TBA

As well, if you have not heard yet we have a huge school event going on Thur and Fri night called Screamfest. It is an awesome event and well worth attending. In its 10th year and 2nd at Claremont not only is this an amazing community event that is great for the school and district it is also a fantastic fundraiser. Last year almost 1500 students came thru in the 2 days/nights. Many of our sr students are volunteering and running games for the two nights. Our hope is that all students attend Fri night and have a great time. Tickets have been and will be available all week for $10.

Have a good week!
Coach Reisig

Claremont Lacrosse - a few reminders

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse at Oct 17, 2018 7:12PM PDT

Hello parents – three items.

Tomorrow (Thur) is confirmed for turf use. Spoke to all guys today so they are aware and buses have been arranged. Know of 6 or 7 jr guys who will need a ride from school to turf. All other jr guys dropped off at Lochside turf for 8:45/50 please.

Bonus – tomorrow we will be hosting and watched by Coach Peruzzi from Lewis College (Chicago) here to see both sessions and hopefully recruit a few Gr 12’s.

Parents of Gr 12 drivers – want to and need the boys to drive as it saves us a lot of $$, but of the 20-22 available drivers only 5 hands went up today as to who has done the school form (3040 C and D) and drivers abstract. Both available on line under volunteer section of school site as well as put in hands today (again) in class. I want them to drive but school/district rules say they need the paperwork in. Please impress upon them to take the 5-10 minutes to get this done. Thx

Lastly, most of the parent clothing orders went out today to those orders which have been paid. Unfortunately hats and ladies hoodies are on back order and hopefully will be here soon. May be in same situation with men’s 1/4 zips but will be close on those. Those unpaid please pass along and I’ll pass along orders to your sons.

Thx – Coach Reisig


Hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoyed the great weather we are experiencing! Also hope the many sr students on college visits had fantastic experiences (Cornell, Marquette, NJIT, Brown, and Lewis College were hosts to some of our Gr 12’s this weekend).

We’ll continue to take advantage of the weather this week and will have lacrosse Mon, Tues, and Thursday. Wed will be a PE/fitness session for both classes.

Thursday we will be visited by Coach Peruzzi from Lewis College. He will be here to watch both sessions this week. An exciting chance and opportunity for our guys!!

Assuming I can arrange transportation, we will be going to the turf (Lochside/Cordova Bay soccer fields) this Thursday. I will confirm this tomorrow and assuming this works, will ask that the 9/10 class be dropped off there by parents for 8:50ish.

Reminder to all senior student drivers to please do the school form (3040 C and D) as well as the online abstract.

And….safety vests from the Marathon are needed so please return tomorrow.

Coach Reisig


Congratulations and thx to all the athletes and families for their effort, help, and time this weekend. Back to back events aren’t easy so that is appreciated.

Hugely successful bottle drive Saturday coordinated by Kevin Reiberger brought in over $4500 which is outstanding!!

Then a rainy early Sunday morning and the boys did a great job (some understand more difficult scenarios than others – Nick, Harry, and Mason had a very busy spot!!) but all the while answering and helping with a smile and good attitudes. The boys were wonderful ambassadors for the program this weekend.

Hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving dinners and weekends!!

Tues and Thur will be lacrosse at school, Wed is PE/Fitness and Fri will be a weather pending decision.

We will likely be looking to get to the turf soon. Will post when I have transportation arranged.

Coach Reisig