Claremont Lacrosse - weekly schedule Nov. 14 - 18

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse on Nov 14 2016 at 08:18PM PST in 2016-17

Hope everyone enjoyed their extended long weekend! ‘Fall ball’ means busy times for lacrosse at Claremont (and outside of Claremont). Congratulations to the club teams and their athletes for their participation and success this past weekend in Richmond.

This week at Claremont the focus will be lacrosse and prep for the Spartan Shootout and the Space Needle tournament. The weather looks to be in our favour finally so we are planning at being at the turf every day this week. Busing has been arranged so please have your (jr) sons be dropped off at the turf each morning.

All information for the Spartan Shootout has been added to the site on a new page you can see in the menu across the top. Here is a link to the page –

On that page you will find the 2016 team rosters chosen for our Spartan Shootout tournament with the intent of dividing them as equally as possible (the Sr grade 12 captains took the credit and did a ‘fantasy draft’ for the two sr teams so the competitive chatter has already begun). It should lead to a competitive two weeks of practice for both groups!!

As well, the tourney schedule is posted – I hope it is now FINAL as it has been done and redone several times but do think all requests have been accommodated and can now look forward to the games.

Friday night will be a special night for the whole program, especially our graduating class of gr 12’s. The schedule has been worked to ensure all guys will be playing prior to the big event and some special events have been planned by the student government, student body, and parent volunteers to make it our version of ’Senior’s Night’. A poster and KidSport fundraiser are being arranged in conjunction with the evening and it promises to be a fun night.

Now that the schedule is released I know Caroline Mace will soon be sending out volunteer requests. I encourage all families to be involved with this as it is CRITICAL to the event running smoothly. The coaches and organizing group can NOT do it all and it’s expected that all families contribute in some way to help. Saturday games at Topaz do not include any Claremont teams to allow Chris and I to remain at UVic but Topaz will still need to be organized and run by us. I will wait until volunteer schedule is out and filled but will help by scheduling some of our gr 11/12 guys to be helping with scorekeeping, etc when they are not playing at UVic but they will also need some adult support and help.

Lastly, the Space Needle teams will be posted at school Tuesday afternoon. As always, team selection has been a difficult process and your patience is appreciated.

Coach Reisig