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Claremont Shoot-out Starts today

Posted by Claremont Lax Web Admin at Nov 28, 2014 8:23AM PST

Claremont Spartan High School Field Lacrosse Shootout
November 28th and 29th, 2014

The fields that will be used will be the Topaz City Park located 5 minutes from downtown and central to most everything (located on the corner of Blanshard and Finlayson) and the University turf fields (located next to the McKinnon gymnasium)

Dates and Times
Friday, Nov. 28 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday, Nov. 29 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Friday, Nov. 28 (games will rotate around Topaz Park (Note: Field 1 will be the turf; field 2 will be a grass field) during the day and there will be night games at UVic)

@ Topaz Park
9:30 1 JR Delta vs Spectrum 1 (Topaz – turf)
2 (upper grass)

10:45 2 SR New West vs Claremont 2 1 (Topaz – turf)
3 SR Delta vs Claremont 1 2 (upper grass)

12:00 4 JR Claremont 2 vs Newport 1 (Topaz – turf)
5 JR Mercer Island vs Delta 2 (upper grass)

1:30 6 SR Newport vs Claremont 1 1 (Topaz – turf)
7 SR New West vs Mercer 2 (upper grass)

2:40 8 JR Claremont 1 vs Mercer 1 (Topaz – turf)
9 JR Newport vs Delta 2 (upper grass)

3:45 10 SR Claremont 2 vs Delta 1 (turf)

Fri, Nov. 28
@ University of Victoria (Field 2A and B – turf)

4:00 11 JR Spectrum vs Claremont 9’s 2A
12 SR Newport vs New West 2B

5:15 13 JR Mercer Island vs Claremont 2 2A
14 JR Pac Rim 14 vs Newport 2B

Friday Night Lights

7:00 15 SR Claremont vs Mercer Island 2B
NOTE game #16 will be longer in duration – feature put on by school and the student government

Sat, Nov. 29 (games between UVIC (turf) and Topaz (grass)

Game # Div. Home Away Field

8:45 16 JR Delta vs Claremont 2 upper grass – Topaz
17 JR Mercer vs Spectrum lower grass – Topaz

9:00 18 JR Newport vs Claremont 1 2A (UVIC)

10:00 19 SR Mercer Island vs Delta upper grass (Topaz)
20 SR New West vs Claremont 1 lower grass (Topaz)

10:15 21 SR Newport vs Claremont 2 2A (UVIC)

11:00 22 JR Delta vs Claremont 1 upper grass (Topaz)
11:15 23 SR New West vs Delta lower grass (Topaz)

11:30 24 JR Spectrum vs Newport 2A (UVIC)

12:30 25 SR Delta vs Newport lower grass (Topaz)

1:00 26 SR Mercer vs Claremont 2A (UVIC)

TBA for last two games as departure times for teams from Wash may impact ability to play these last two games. Not concerned with a ‘final’ and looked to fill schedule so all teams could get 4 or 5 games in over the 2 days.

If teams and time are available we will play the ‘finals’ as below or we can schedule others

Jr. Championship
2:00 27 JR 1st vs 2nd 2A

Sr. Championship
3:00 28 SR 1st vs 2nd 2A

Good luck to all! Reminders to have all games start on time. Be prepared to start at scheduled time – warm ups may not be available so prepare on site. Please keep the park(s) clean and pick up all equipment, garbage, etc. Lastly – respect the park, the officials, and your opponents!!! Have a great tournament!

Claremont Jr's

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse at Oct 27, 2014 11:10AM PDT

Claremont Jr Red and White played host to visiting Okanagan and Spectrum. Pictures can be viewed under the Claremont Jr team page

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NW Invitational Champions

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse at Apr 7, 2014 11:16PM PDT

Claremont went south of the boarder to play the NW best Lacrosse teams in the NW Invitational. A collection of elite teams from throughout Northwest from Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and BC.

Claremont pressed by defending Washington champs Bellevue in a sloppy, very wet game played at Mercer Stadium winning 9-8. Claremont then went on to defeat the Nevada champs (Coronado) 16-4, as well state finalist and semi finalists Palo Verder and Centennial winning 18-5 and 21-4.

Claremont brings the NW bragging rights back to BC by winning the invitational!!