Lacrosse Update - next two weeks

Posted by Darlene Oman on Mar 06 2022 at 09:18PM PST in 2021-22

Hi everyone,

Here is an update from Darren:

Apologies for the delay – I was in Vancouver the rest of the week after lacrosse ended and was coaching girls bb. Super Busy week for sure but good problems to have and great success for Claremont Athletics.

Last week was the culmination of the Invitational provincial championships for the guys and a great week of lacrosse. Keeping perspective it was a pretty solid week of lacrosse for the whole program.

First – the jr group was split evenly in two and it got off to a real rough start and as well a few key guys had bball and then sickness too. But…. by the end both jr teams had great improvements, tons of guys had chances to play and develop, and both teams ended up in the semi finals. Their progression was unreal. Team #1 with brand new Ryland Thompson in goal all the way came within 2 goals to making the final losing to NDSS 7-5 in a great semi final. Team 2 plays a great game beating RB’s jr team in other semi and then eventually beating NDSS in final 4-3. Was awesome for all jr guys! Fantastic

The Gr 12’s (despite driving the coaches nuts at times) actually were a little unlucky and did a good only losing one game in the whole tourney. It was a game that looking back we should have won and that loss cost them a berth in final 4 (due to tiebreaker) where I’m sure they would have performed well. They rebounded well and won every other game after that.

And…then the gr 11’s rebounded from a real tough game vs Centennial in round robin where the guys had the difficult task of overcoming seeing one of their team mates endure a pretty major injury (thankfully Keegan is on the mend and Coach McKay deserves a ton of credit in handling the situation) to a big semi final win over Charles Best with only 3 subs. Then down to only two subs they almost won the whole thing in a rematch vs Centennial. The guys had numerous shots to win at the end of regulation and OT but full credit to Centennial in what was an excellent final.

All in all and keeping perspective the coaches are super proud of the representation the guys gave to Claremont lacrosse on and off the field. As the field chair commented to at the end of the final, ‘Claremont continues to be the ’mark’ that other programs aspire to so full credit to all our players and coaches for a job well done.

Looking ahead to the schedule this week and next

Mon to Wed both classes will be at school. Tues the gr 9, 10, and 11’s will be spending the first 30 min of class doing their course selections for next year as well as the order forms and other info for the lacrosse program for next Sept (Please remind your son to bring his course selection form and the rest will be supplied)

Thur, next Tues and the following Thur;
-we will be having a 2 out of 3 series for each class with their tourney teams with some sort of minor bragging rights and/or pizza on the line. These will be done during class time and if time feel free to attend

Lastly – huge thx to our coaches for the hours given to make this past week happen as well as our parent drivers and chaperones and of course….we can’t forget to also thank alumni dad Grant Pepper for giving his time to drive the bus for the jr program




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