Spartan Shootout Wrap-up (and next week)

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse on Nov 25 2018 at 08:22PM PST in 2018-19

Happy Sunday to all – hope everyone had a chance to get warm and catch their breath after an awesome weekend of lacrosse for Claremont.

40 games in 26 hours of play and 13 games played by the Spartans with only one blemish is awesome. Hope all enjoyed that one weekend of play where all boys get to play at ‘home’ for the year.

Congratulations to our gr 12’s and their families for a fantastic evening Fri night for the school, the program, and all of you and your families. Glad to be a part of the celebration and proud of you all!! As a bonus the high level of play and victory made the night perfect!

Huge thanks to all for their help in making this tourney a success on and off the field – without parent help the many jobs that are needed to be done would be impossible for a successful tourney and well run tourney. Also very special to see alumni and alumni parents at the fields and also willing to help. For our 13th year I’d say it was a hit.

I’m probably gonna miss a few but….at the risk of that special thx to:

- Caroline Mace and Lindsay Pepper for the coordination and organization of volunteers
- Phil Ohl and Chelsea Giordano (staff) for their coordination an announcing of FNL
- Mike Verhagen, Glen Manns, Chris Sheridan, and the others (sorry, I know there is more) who took charge of setting up, taking down, and running fields during tourney
- Cheryl Brown (alumni parent) for her help with sponsorship and FNL
- Michelle Glanfield for the production of the program
- Rauvy Dalep for running website and communication
- Nate Chiasson for his help coordinating referees

Thx to all and apologies for any I may have missed.

This week:
PE for both on Mon and Wed
Lacrosse for both on Tues an Thur.
Fri Seattle travel teams depart on 9:00 am ferry (permission forms to come home tomorrow) and guys here will have strength training