Claremont Lacrosse - weekly schedule March 12 - 16

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse on Mar 11 2018 at 11:22PM PDT in 2017-18

Congratulations to all Spartan lacrosse players. Your performance on the field and actions off it showed class and respect at all times. All players should be very proud of their efforts and contributions for an excellent display of lacrosse this week. It was noted by many!

The sr teams were very strong and went undefeated throughout tourney play (except for our own inter squad on Tues) beating very good teams from coquitlam and mission. The ‘final’ wasn’t much of a game as players were playing different positions and the concern for making the 7 ferry was a higher priority. There’s a possibility a ‘real’ final is played this week or we create a series in Apr? TBD

Chris, Liam, and I have already told the jr teams that we were proud of their play and efforts. Until the final they also went undefeated in tourney play and considering we were a little thin in numbers and split the teams evenly in talent all players should very happy with the progress and development shown this week. Both teams made the semis playing as many games as could be scheduled through the week and…..if not for a few mistakes and tired legs our split squad likely would have taken the final game as well.

Excellent play and display of Spartan lacrosse!!!

This week;
Mon – sports psych presentation for all guys. All must attend!
Tues – will be a study block and used for all to catch up/make up work missed
Wed – same as Tues if needed. If not will be P.E. in main gym
Thur – TBA. Possible rematch or true final for sr teams.
Fri – TBA

Thanks – Darren