Welcome to 2017/18 Claremont lacrosse

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse on Sep 10 2017 at 03:06PM PDT in 2017-18

Even though the sun is still shining pretty hot for Sept it’s time to get back to business!! I hope the Summer has been a good one for all and the chance to rest and relax was found. It was great to meet all the gr 9’s today. Hopefully this week will be as smooth a transition as possible from a great summer to back to school routines. It won’t take long and things will quickly pick up speed and the school year will be on full blast!!! I’m sure by next week will be moving as quickly as it always does and halls, walls, and fields will be very busy

If you haven’t already done so, please check the school’s website for information on the first week of school. As well I’m not sure how familiar you may be but…we do have our own website that is maintained by myself and Rauvy Dalep. Last year as well as emails coming home from me Rauvy and a few other helpers did a great job having news, events, pics, etc being uploaded often. I hope to use it even more this year as well as have the guys enter info as coaches, teams, and schools often view our site. Please email Rauvy at so he can add you into the system and news will automatically be emailed to you.

For communication my hope is to use the website frequently for info and relay info to families in that manner but as well I’ll send mass emails out to parents, communicate verbally to students, and in addition have many of the gr 11 and 12 students by cell phone and will text them.

Outside of the start-up information, there are a couple of other items I wanted to share with you below:

Attached are some of the documents that will be given to your son to be brought home to share. I will be sending these and more home on Thursday when I see all students.
A generic overview of our calendar and course outline and objectives (always important to have as early as possible given work, academics, club lacrosse, and other sporting commitments. At this time these dates are as firm as I can create. Note – these are subject to change but I will do my best to give ample notice!
An updated Code of Conduct that was reviewed in class today
A travel form that helps our travel agent
and…as up to date and accurate calendar for travel and fundraising form that I can have ready for now- for those parents/students that have been a part of program for a year or two you will see that Chris and I are looking at possible changes/options to what we have done in years past. Chris, Jesse, and I will meet to discuss options and let all know as soon as possible.

You can expect an email from Cheryl Dobbie and/or Caroline Mace very soon for some fundraising ventures that we have routinely done as well as some new thoughts – program fees are allocated to equipment, clothing, coaching, admin, transportation, facilities, field trips, tourney reg fees, and more but…our frequent and extensive travel abroad does cost a fair amount and $$ raised do help offset costs when we travel as a program or travel teams. Caroline and Cheryl have offered to head up most of the fundraising projects for the program with the hope that ‘sub committees’ will be formed and different people will take on different ventures – they or I will be getting further info on this very soon. Thanks to both for taking on this task.

The first 2 weeks will be busy with what’s been titled by guys in the past – Claremont lacrosse Boot Camp – not meant to be crazy but just an intro to some of the many types of things we can/will do in the area and a way to come together right away. In addition we will be targeting at the very least a one day get away (possible overnighter) for all gr 11 and 12 students to either China Beach/Mystic Beach or Mt Finlayson in mid to late Sept.

I will have 4 to 6 week monthly planners up for the boys to see as well as take home if wanted (a pic with phone is easiest) available the first week of Sept and will ensure that the boys are given plenty of notice of what’s upcoming. Please refer to attached calendar for yearly info. Rauvy also did an excellent job of posting on website so the preparation and knowledge of when is available in many forms and locations.

Sept is always exciting, especially for our 2018 grads – all need to keep in mind as we get started, especially our 2018 grads of the standards expected and the positive leadership that will be expected from all. That begins with appropriate and responsible decisions starting on Day 1 (Wed, Sept 6)!!

At some point in mid to late Sept the guys will receive the bulk of, if not all, their gear, equipment, and clothing and as well hearing some requests out there an order form will be sent home asap that allows parents to order clothing and other items for themselves

Our school parent info night will be Sept 28 but in meantime if there any questions or concerns please let me know. I know that Chris, Jesse, and I all look forward to another busy, hard working, and successful year for Claremont lacrosse. Hopefully many great days ahead for each of your sons to ‘be a Spartan’!!

Thanks – Darren