Claremont Lacrosse - weekly schedule March 6 - March 10

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse on Mar 05 2017 at 09:45PM PST in 2016-17

Great job by all players within the Spartan lacrosse program. What a fantastic 3 days in Coquitlam and Vancouver and an excellent opportunity to display Claremont lacrosse. 4 teams in the semis of tier one lax, 3 in the finals (which is weird??) and then 2 BC champions!!! Congratulations.

And…equally as important quiet and respectful stays while at the hotel and travelling as a program while on the ferries.

Special thanks to parents and bus drivers Grant Pepper and Nathan Stevens for their willingness to help out and drive the boys from field to field and hotel. Can’t thank them enough and I hope the boys did too!!! As well to Chris for ‘manning the ship’ so often as I was often back and forth due to also coaching girls basketball BCs.

Was great to see so many parents out supporting the boys as well. Hope that was enjoyed.

Full size photos of the teams after the wins are available under the Photos section of the site.

Thankfully Monday is a Pro-D day where most staff are off for the day and I/we can all catch our breath. Tues and Wed we will be at school for PE and training, Thur we will be at the turf, and Fri will depend on weather.

Looking ahead we have only 2 weeks prior to spring break and traditionally after spring break for the month of Apr we will do a little less lacrosse at school as indoor seasons are doing tryouts and have their start ups. First though we have a trip to Seattle at the end of March (which is during spring break) for our annual entry to the Northwest Invitational.

Team list will go up this Tuesday and information will go home later this week. Traditionally a Gr 11/12 trip which we also try to involve a Gr 10 or 2 for a total of approx 25 players. We will leave either late Thur (Mar 30) or early Fri (Mar 31) morning and return Sun early evening.

Enjoy the Monday off – use the time to catch up on school days missed last week.

Coach Reisig.