Claremont Lacrosse - weekly schedule Feb 20 - Feb 24

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse on Feb 19 2017 at 11:01PM PST in 2016-17

Message below was sent earlier from Coach Reisig but recapping again to ensure everyone sees it and have it posted to site.

Hope everyone had a good weekend – congrats to our 7 grade 9/10 athletes also on the school basketball team as they captured the Island championships this Sat at Belmont.

This week we are at the turf both Tues and Thur with both classes – if weather cooperates I’ll be adding a 3rd session for each with that being Mon for the sr group and wed for the jr group. For now, those will be planned for at the school.

Friday is a pro D day – enjoy the day off!!

Attached is the schedule for the high school BC tourney slated for Feb 27-Mar 3 (we only travel Mar 1). I would ask that teams understand that the tie breaker rule for seeding often comes down to penalty minutes. The best your team can do in a round robin game is; win (2 points) and get a +5 for goal difference and have zero penalty minutes. The point being, there is no need to run up the score. Winning 5-0 with no penalties is far better than winning 25-0 with 3 minutes of penalties!

Reminder if not already done – I need the Team registration form sent to the BCLA individual player registrations to Deb Heard at the BCLA office. PLEASE INDICATE THE TEAM AND DIVISION ON ALL REGISTRATIONS! Put the school name in the top box (Association/Club) on the BCLA form (many jr guys are done, many sr guys are NOT).

Early this week I will post the teams as they will be for the tournament. The jr teams will be split as evenly as we think possible and 1 and 2 will be just the numbers attached to them. The sr guys will be split by grade and the 12’s can be Claremont 1 and the 11’s Claremont 2.

All boys will travel over together Wed, Mar 1 (likely the 9:00 am ferry) and will return together Fri early evening with both buses likely booked for the 7:00 p.m. ferry. Buses are booked and huge thanks to Mr. Nate Stevens and Mr. Grant Pepper for their willingness to help and drive the boys for the 3 days. It will be a challenge, but Chris and I intend to go back and forth between the 3 fields and 4 teams to make sure at least one of us at each game to coach and supervise. Parents are welcome to attend and support the teams and I may be able to help you secure a room.

The boys will room with one another and in teams wherever possible. Strict rules, bed and room checks, curfews, and in general rules and expectations will be in place and made very clear. That being said it is impossible to be at every place at every moment even though we will try but…if a young man chooses to break any of the rules said prior to the trip or while there they can expect to be sent home immediately, be suspended from the program and banned from any trips in the future for at least one year. Possible further consequences from school admin could follow!

Cost for this trip will be minimal and I wish could be nothing but entry fee for 4 teams, bus and ferry, and hotel is a little too much for program fees to absorb – am guessing approx. $80-100 per player. Will send permission forms and $$ amounts home later this week.

Any questions, let me know – thanks.

Coach Reisig