Bottle Drive Update

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse on May 05 2022 at 08:31PM PDT in 2021-22

Hello all – we (Ang Gault, Kevin Morrison and Mike Verhagen) have been trying to find a date to do a non sort bottle drive but there were 3 in the area that kept getting in the way, causing us to postpone hoping for a date that worked for all.

With box lacrosse in full swing, finding a date on a weekend that works for all will be next to impossible so…we are going with two other options

We have set up our Claremont lacrosse acct for those families who have the piles building up (or friends) and want to get them out of their garage. Please take in, sort, and tell cashier that it goes into the Claremont LACROSSE acct (make sure you say lacrosse as there are two others tied to Claremont there.

If you want to have families drop off bottles and put them on the Claremont Lacrosse account, please be sure to have them bring their receipt (even just take a picture and text it). In the past, we have had friends drop off bottles for the lacrosse academy and when I went to collect they had no record of it (and asked for receipts).

Option 2 – I will work out with the guys where we attempt to have a ‘non sort’ pickup day where approx 5-6 vehicles are doing pickups and 15-20 guys are at depot organizing as needed for non sort. Many of the guys (myself included) have numerous locations to pick up large mounts and if we can pick the same 2 hours on a Sat or Sun morning we will do so. Will check schedules and see if possible next weekend




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