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Hello all – hope weekends were good. Last send out for the last full week of classes this year. Hard to believe.

A very busy but very good last week with so many of our young men taking part in BC’s Best. All did very well and did themselves and the lacrosse program proud. Also fantastic to have many of our committed gr 12’s helping out as staff.

This week much of the preparation is intended for the trip to Denver that many will take part in.

Mon – jr guys lacrosse, sr guys have Kizo performance and mental/visual training
Tues – each class has lacrosse
Wed – TBA (trip prep and/or lacrosse)
Thur – Denver and regular class (PE) for others
Fri – same as Thur

The following week I am hoping to schedule some field trips and finish with some fun for the boys.

Special note – Tues, June 18 from 4:30-6:30 is the annual Claremont Athletic Awards and all lacrosse players are invited and encouraged to attend. In particular, I would hope that all gr 12’s make a point of being there. Each team will be recognized during the evening. (Parents are welcome too).

Coach Reisig

Hoping all our Claremont moms had Happy Mother’s Day yesterday! Hope your day was special and your boys spoiled you.

Calendar is posted at school and on site ( Both classes will have a combination of strength and PE activities along with lacrosse for each group on Tues and Thur this week.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Coach Reisig

Scholarship information (Grade 12's only)

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse at Apr 24, 2019 9:36PM PDT

A follow-up reminder from Coach Reisig to the Grade 12 class:

District scholarship applications are due next week.

In previous years, the deciding factors have focused more on the student’s resume and their cover letter (and reference letters).

Here’s a link to the District Scholarships

They are due on April 30. It looks like the ones that specifically pertain to athletics are:
• District Authority – physical activity ($1250)
• Ed Kubek ($1000)

As well, many athletes may be eligible for:
• Claremont PAC – Leadership ($500)

Please remind your students about the Island Savings Fueling Youth Performance Award.
It is not a district award. Athletes ages 13-18 are eligible. It is also due on April 30 and they apply directly on the link.


Hope everyone is having a good finish to their weekends!! Thought a reminder/update would be a good thought before tomorrow to make sure all are on same page

First though – would like to congratulate all players and parents who took part in the bottle drive and also another huge thx to Kevin Reiberger for his organization of another successful bottle drive. Final tally is not in yet but last report we were over $3,000!! thx to all.

Update for BC’s during the days of Wed to Fri:
-Vancouver teams start tomorrow and I just received an email that weather, fields, and conditions are looking positive. Final decisions will come tomorrow at some point but we look to be okay for our scheduled play in Vancouver later this week

Update/reminder for tomorrow (Monday’s games);

@Royal Bay
9:00 Jr game – RB 1 vs Claremont 1
10:15 Sr Game – RB vs Claremont 1 (Gr 12’s)
-for these games we would like the boys to be at the game 45 min prior to start to begin warm-up 30 min prior
-both these games are games that are part of the high school championship tournament

11:00 – Jr 2 – scrimmage/practice vs NDSS (be at field for 10:45)
11:45ish – Jr 1 – scrimmage/practice vs NDSS (this is a slight change) – be at field for 11:30
12:15/12:30 SR game – Sr 2 (gr 11’s) vs NDSS (previously at 12:00 slightly later to help NDSS travel)
2:15 Jr game – Jr 2 vs RB 2
-the last two games listed at Lochside are also games that will count towards the BC Championship tourney and would like the boys there for 45 min prior to their start ready to warmup 30 min prior

For all games ALL players are to equipped properly as if they are playing a club game under BCSS rules meaning all must have a mouth guard and chest protector. This is NOT OPTIONAL. If guys choose not to wear or bring they likely will not be playing. As well, all players are to be wearing their Claremont uniform (pinnie and shorts) as well as their red long sleeve under their pinnies.

Lastly – please remember to bring in permission forms and $$ for the departures Wed and Thur this week.

Thx – see all tomorrow.

2019 Provincials Info

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse at Feb 28, 2019 9:02PM PST

Hello all – in addition to the info that was sent out yesterday here is what we hope to be the final version of the tournament schedule attached. There is still a concern the tourney may be cancelled as the fields at Town Center are still frozen but all are hopeful that we will be good to go.

The schedule for the first games involving Claremont are as I wrote last night for Mon at RB and Lochside:
-Jr 1 at 9:00, Sr 1 (12’s) @ 10:15 at Royal Bay
-Sr 2 (11’s) at 12:00, Jr 2 at 2:15 at Lochside
-in addition to that, the jr program will have the opportunity scrimmage/practice with the NDSS program before and after the noon game at Lochside (Jr 2 prior and jr 1 after).

Lastly in regards to Monday I do not have the ability to arrange all the transport back and forth for the guys so…as we said today we are asking that they all do their best and ask each other for rides as necessary. Thx for taking care of that.

Assuming all is good as written yesterday:
-Gr 11 and Jr 2 will be leaving Wed on 11:00am ferry and will meet to leave at school at 9:45am
-Gr 12 and Jr 1 will leave Thur on 9:00am ferry. I have our bus driven by Brandon Dunlop as well as Chris’ truck which leaves us a little short for rides. We can either look for approx 3 parents to help who are going over Thur or can have a designated group to walk on ferry and we will pick up on other side. I’ll wait to hear if any parents who are going if they can help before making that decision.

Teams are posted on web site.

Permission forms are on my desk with a hard copy of schedule as well and will be given out tomorrow to be brought home by your son. I’ll need these back with $$ (Wed group -$100, Thur group – $75) either Mon or Tues at latest.

In regards to those who asked for hotels I’m assuming that you will only need one night if your son is in Thur group and 2 nights if with Wed group.