Claremont Lacrosse - Provincials and Bottle Drive

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse on Feb 27 2019 at 08:25PM PST in 2018-19

Hello Claremont families – I know lots of questions out there and I apologize for no emails but..between being in Vegas with sr team and the numerous changes that have been occurring with the BC’s schedule (and fear of field closures) I didn’t see much point until final.

so…BC’s update – still not final unfortunately as the poor scheduler lost two teams today that dropped out but…here is some info for all until we see a final schedule.

-Teams are attached. As we have done in past 5-7 years the jr teams are split as evenly as we think we can do and the sr teams are entered as gr 11 and gr 12
-All teams will have one game Mon in town. Tentatively one jr team (I believe jr 1) and our gr 12’s will be at Royal Bay in the morning and both jr teams and the gr 11’s will play at Lochside starting at approx 11:00
-if no more changes the gr 11’s and one jr team (not sure what #) will travel over on Wed next week on the 11:00 ferry via bus driven by either Chad Verch or Grant Pepper along with myself. This group will leave from the school
-the gr 12’s and the other jr team will travel over on the 9:00 a.m. ferry with Chris. Depending on driver wants and buses this group may need to walk on the ferry Thur and be picked up on the other side
-we are staying at the Best Western in Pitt Meadows
-all games (except Mon) will be at Town Center in Coq
-there will be a small fee that comes with this. Between fundraising and program fees I’m trying to have all bus rentals and costs and the reg fees paid for. That will leave hotel and ferry costs remaining. Those figures are still to come but likely the group leaving Wed will be approx $80-100 and the group leaving Thur will be $60-75. I will send these figures home with permission forms when the schedule is final

As I told the boys we will as best we can travel as a program at all times and support each of the 4 teams as a program. Parents are more than welcome to attend and I may ask for one or two to help drive but in general you get to be a spectator and not worry at all about the supervision of your child (I hope!!!).

I will send a schedule home as soon as one comes final – thx for your patience.

Lastly a reminder that we have a bottle drive this Sat at the Glanford depot. Goes from 9:00 a.m. until done but hopefully 2:00 at the latest. Very important that all boys attend and do their part as well as the Claremont lacrosse families. It is too much to expect the players and a handful of parents to do. These ventures are big earners as well as good program initiatives. Please make an effort to do your part at home collecting as well as contributing some time at the depot or collecting (or ‘encouraging’ young men to work) this Sat. Last we raised over $4,000 which is paying for the above and would be great to do so again.

Thx to Kevin Reiberger for organizing once again.

Coach Reisig