Fundraising Information

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse on Oct 07 2018 at 01:49PM PDT in 2018-19

All fundraising information has been updated on the website. All forms and information can be found here:

Cheryl has noted the following:
I can accept e-transfer for everything to please put in the notes what it is for and your players name.

Please send all fundraising correspondence to me please and not to Darren so it is all in one place.

Hillside Night of Lights:
We still have a lot of Hillside Tickets for sale. They are $5 each and you do not have to be at the event on Nov. 18th to win one of the many door prizes. Top Prize is a $4000 travel credit. The Program keeps the entire $5. They can be sold as raffle tickets even if people are not able to attend. If you would like to sign out some tickets to sell please let me know at

Spartan Shootout Sponsors:
See the Fundraising page for the sponsor letter for the Spartan Shoot Out program. Please send me any artwork and let me know what size of ad you have sold, the contact name with mailing address ( for thank you’s) and the name of the player. Your player will receive a 65% credit of the cost of the ad towards travel costs so this is a great opportunity to reduce cost. Ad details can be sent to

Meat Sale:
See the Fundraising page for the information for the meat sale we are doing. This is a huge hit as the meat is great quality. The chicken strips are a hit among players. Thanksgiving is a great weekend to collect orders from family and friends.