Welcome to the 2018-19 Season

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse on Sep 16 2018 at 05:19PM PDT in 2018-19

Hello all,

Welcome to the 2018-19 Season!

It has been an excellent start so far this week. Last week was a lot of forms and information, this week we have been able to get to our training and come together as a jr group and sr group and their effort over the first three days has been outstanding!! They have pushed each other and encouraged each other throughout the training and it is great to see and be a part of!!

Attached are a few documents I’ve already sent home but I know some came back which means you may never see them again despite me putting in your son’s hands. The calendar in particular will be something that you can refer to as needed.

Schedule/Calendar – Lots going on beyond blk’s 1 and 2 with your sons. Fairly clear as to the plan and intent for these travel opportunities but have your son or yourself see me (and Chris) if they have a question

Code of Conduct – the beige sheet sent home that we discussed as a group. We do try to hold ourselves as a program to the highest standard possible and the code of conduct gives the parameters and expectations that we want to see. Any questions on that please let me know

Lacrosse wear – this is for the parents. The boys will get their ‘swag’ soon enough and I know parents in the past have asked so I thought an order form would be appropriate if wanted. Trying to submit that order by Thur, Sept 13 this week so …if wanted please get back to me.

Team Information, news, schedules, pictures, and much more is posted here. I usually communicate through your sons and hope it gets home but knowing that system isn’t perfect and when necessary will most often use email and the Team Pages website to pass on information. Rauvy runs a great site and posts/sends info often. Please use. On the bottom of that form is some info Rauvy Dalep requires to input to our team website. If easier please email and provide him with:

- Parent name(s)
- Parent email(s)
- Player’s name and grade

Parent night – set for Wed, Sept 26. Will coordinate a time and room prior to the regular ‘Meet the Teacher’ component and we will spend 30-45 min speaking about the lacrosse program and the year ahead.

Fundraising – also some dates on our calendar attached and a few more emails to come. The program in general (as all are aware) has a lot of costs to i. In addition there is a fair amount of travel that if we can fundraise as a group and individually it can help offset registration fees, team transportation, or individual’s costs at hotels. There are few dates that I target and then many more parents help to arrange. Additionally, much is done by an alumni parent (Cheryl Brown) who will send out info via this email as well as can be reached at Options such as meat sales, cookie sales, Hillside night of lights, Beer n’ Burger night will often come via her and team Pages. With almost 90 students and close to 200 parents when all ‘chip in’ they work well. First 3 dates ans well as Red Barn/Thrifty cards below or to come

Oct 6 – bottle drive for whole program. Arranged by Kevin Reiberger. Last year a huge success and raised over $3,000. Start saving your bottles as well as your neighbours. Info to come soon but a whole program effort for this one!
Oct 7 – Victoria Marathon (an annual event but…TBA)
Nov 23/24 – Spartan Shootout and Friday Night Lights
Red Barn and Thrifty cards – an email about those to follow

Travel – we have extensive travel set for this year that will hopefully en capture all players at some point. As in the past much of our travel is for gr 11/12 students but…there are opportunities for all at times. As mentioned in a prior email this year’s sr group is the largest we have ever had (50) and quite possibly the deepest in talent and ability. It will be a challenge for Chris and I when selecting travel rosters and an opportunity for guys to challenge, compete, and push each other every day at practice. We will do our best to include as many as we can when we travel but ask that players have patience. If questions arise or a chat is required I ask that the athlete approach Chris and I as that is something that we should discuss on our own – please encourage your son to do so anytime as the door is always open.

Expectations – you will hear this often from myself and Chris and if the boys can maintain this level of effort they should be fine over their 4 years at Claremont – 1) Do their best (in all 4 blocks), 2) Attend their classes, and 3) Do what they are asked and hand in their assignments. Another good one said today at all assemblies was ‘Be Kind’

Driving/Transportation – we reply on both parent and student drivers often. The gr 12’s for when we travel to the turf, parents for when we travel. To do this I need the parents to complete the link below as well as do their abstracts via ICBC (I did mine and it took only a few minutes). The boys need to also do a form called 3040-D (student drivers) as well what parents do. Please do this asap if you are attending our trips and are wanting to assist with driving a many do. This info is also on our main page under ‘Welcome’ at the top
Volunteer Drivers
In addition to completing a Criminal Record Check, Volunteer Drivers are required to complete the following steps each school year:

1. Request a copy of your Driver’s Abstract. You can either:
a. Apply online: OR
b. Visit your local ICBC branch. Please bring your driver’s license and another form of ID.
c. Call ICBC on 250-978-8300. Please have your driver’s license number ready.

2. Complete a Volunteer Driver Application. (3040-C)

Criminal Record Checks (CRC’s) – In addition to the volunteer driving forms, CRC’s are required by any and all adults who may be in a ‘supervisory role’ – this is sometimes needed when we travel as a group either by air and then rental cars or when we go to Vancouver or Seattle. Please follow instructions below and complete the link/site if you have not had one done in the last year

Criminal Record Checks
Volunteers are required to complete a Criminal Record Check every three years.
Please apply online to the Ministry of Justice at and use Access Code UV53DWHBYX. Your Criminal Record Check will be sent to the School Board Office for review.

Applicants who have not been living in Canada for at least 2 years or do not have a credit history of at least 6 months are required to obtain a Criminal Record Check through their local police department. The school office can provide a letter to assist with this process.

Program Fees – deposits of $600 were required/requested at the end of school year in June 2018. Please get those in asap, if not already done as I’m instructed by admin to not hand out gear/clothing until done. The remainder is requested for Sept 30 and can be given throughout the year as it works for you and if easier please email Ms. Wendi Marshall who does school accounts and can help you arrange what is easiest. Her email is

A lot to read and take in but hopefully helpful. Feel free to get a hold of me by email anytime – I may not get back to you immediately but will as soon as I can. As mentioned above, it has been a fantastic start to the year and we are excited to see it continue. Looking forward to a great year.