Bottle Drive Reminder - Saturday, Jan. 13

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse on Jan 10 2018 at 08:16PM PST in 2017-18

Happy New Year to all – hope the holidays went well for all.

A note from Kevin and the parents organizing the bottle drive this Sat – a reminder that it starts at 9:00 at Glanford Bottle Depot. Both groups were talked with today about making their best efforts to make this a success and that unless at work, sport, or something prior and important that all are expected to contribute. The plan is that all come in at 9:00 with full trucks, cars, trunks, etc and drop off – some stay to sort, some move on to get more.

Unfortunately there are approx 4 or 5 bottle drives going on in the Claremont area this weekend but we will be papering the area anyway – important on the day to make sure we only take what is allocated for us and not others (our not attached will be a different colour and easy to see).

The most important piece and I have encouraged, impressed upon, told is that ALL guys paper their own neighbourhood/area. The target from each person’s house and neighbourhood should be $50-100. If we all can bring in $300 as Mace boys did doing this format from own houses and neighbourhood then what we get around Claremont will be a bonus (I’ve already collected from my friends, my house, my parents, and I’ll have a truckload!). I have attached a document to be used around your homes. I’ll also put in your son’s hands tomorrow.

I plan on being there approx 10:00 to help.

Many of the boys in gr 12 have trucks and can drive but ideally a few more parents with trucks would be helpful too.

Thx for organizing and see some Sat.