2017 Spartan Shootout

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse on Nov 19 2017 at 10:17PM PST in 2017-18

All information for the 2017 Spartan Shootout (schedule, rosters etc.) can be found here:
2017 Spartan Shootout

See below for message from Darren:

After many versions – I think we are final (I hope!!!) and ready to go for the weekend.

There is a chance that I may try to find another game or two you can see it is pretty tight already and 33 games in approx 30 hours will be challenging in itself.

As we have said to the boys it is their responsibility to make sure they know when they are playing, where they are playing, and to be there 30 min prior to that game. Our jr teams are even split squads as are the sr teams with a few exceptions to the schedule when they play grade specific games.

Fri night will be a big night for the entire program but is definitely geared towards our gr 12 players and their families. Prior to the Fri Night Lights game there will be player announcements with each player coming thru the tunnel to greet their parents, come to center and receive flowers and a family pic. The game is set for 7:30 so we would like all families, etc to be prepared to start the proceedings for 7:15.

The student gov’t and hopefully entire student body are making this a special night selling tickets, trying to boost attendance and use as a fundraiser for KidSport. Please encourage friends, family, and alumni to come be a part of what has become a special evening for all. Prior to the gr 12 game will be a first ever Claremont girls match at 5pm followed by all other players having games at 6pm before the feature game. Wanting/Asking all Claremont families to do their best to support this one and all players to be a part of it. We are selling tickets to event at school for $3 per and then donation at the door.

Caroline Mace will once again (thank you) be putting together a volunteer schedule for ALL families to be a part of. This venture is far too big to ask the coaches and a handful of parents to do on their own. Moving equipment, tents, nets, etc as well as the scorekeeping and timing are all big jobs that we expect our families to take on. With 80+ players that gives us over 150 sets of hands to help. Please sign up when Caroline releases the schedule.

Weather says poor weather Tues and then after that it looks good so …cross fingers. Looking forward to lots of lacrosse next Fri and Sat and seeing everyone at the fields.

This week we are at the turf Mon, Tues, and Thur prepping for tourney.