Claremont Lacrosse - Weekly schedule April 3-7

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse on Apr 03 2017 at 09:02AM PDT in 2016-17

Welcome back to all and hope everyone had a great spring break but….now it’s time to get back to work. As well as we’ve played this year, unfortunately this past weekends play in Seattle showed that there is always work to do and things to improve upon. The sr varsity team went 2-2 this past weekend playing some of the best high school teams from Washington, Oregon, and Nevada. Not bad but…not what we had planned for in preparing for the Northwest Invitational.

Wearing the Spartan helmet on your chest brings with it a great past, strong winning traditions, and high expectations of performance and execution. It also brings with it a reputation that brings the best from opponents wanting to measure themselves against those considered one of the finest programs of lacrosse in North America. Therefore, we must always work to stay on top and a step ahead!! So….more of that work, preparation, and learning will be the focus for the next 8 weeks so we are ready for June!!

Mixed in with that will be some PE curriculum for the Jr program as well as a hope to bring in sport performance experts to help the guys with the mental component of the game.

In addition many of the guys will be involved with the schools rugby, track, and tennis teams as well as their own indoor lacrosse teams so…doing my best we will try to schedule activities around all this to avoid injuries and overtraining.

The next 3 weeks are posted at school, the website has this week posted with the others to follow soon. Please make sure guys are prepared for each day and whatever it entails.

Thanks – Coach Reisig