Claremont Lacrosse - weekly schedule Jan 30 - Feb 3

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse on Jan 29 2017 at 11:19PM PST in 2016-17

Hope everyone had a restful weekend after what was a long, tiring, but hopefully a successful exam week.

Monday is a Pro-D day and staff will be reviewing curriculum implementation for the day. Tues is the start of Semester 2 and new classes for all except our lacrosse block together. Make sure that the first week is a good week and all get off to starring starts in each of their classes!! Everyone has 100% on Tuesday, do your best to keep it there.

Our schedule is posted and lacrosse returns this week with Thur at the turf (busing arranged) but will have Jr class dropped off at turf. Every Tues and Thur leading into the high school BC’s (see below) we will be at turf and some additional days will put in schedule as we get closer to. Tues and Wed this week will be PE/fitness/strength training days.

Some dates to be aware of for Semester 2 that were sent out in Sept are;
- Mar 1-3 high school BCs (all students will attend unless classroom teachers and marks say otherwise)
- Mar 30 or 31 to Apr 2 Northwest invitational for our Sr varsity team in Seattle (team will be posted asap)
- June 7 – BC’s Best
- June 16-19 Denver 3D Shootout. Plans, flights, hotels, are almost complete. Teams will be announced shortly so families can plan accordingly. We will take two teams (one likely an 11/12 team and the other a Gr 9-11 team).

See you Tuesday – Coach Reisig