Claremont Lacrosse - message for Thursday

Posted by Claremont Lacrosse on Jan 11 2017 at 09:24PM PST in 2016-17

Sending the below message via web site as well as earlier email from Darren to ensure everyone see it.

A reminder for all as both classes have field trips tomorrow and due to sickness, studies, and choices many have been absent over last few days so to make sure all know:

Jr class – training at Zuma Martial arts gym (1038 Alston St in Vic West). All but 7 guys have said they are ok to be dropped off via parents or car pool. I will be taking the others from school in my truck leaving at 8:40 and chris will get the last two leaving at 8:50. Busing has been arranged for the trip back to school.

Sr class – skating at Panorama
We will meet outside the PE office and via student vehicles as well as coach vehicles will be heading to Panorama Rec Centre. Have told guys that no one is to go on own until checking in with me. If guys have own skates please bring as well as sticks and helmets. They will have Zuma next week.

And…on the topic of absences and choices while I’m very supportive of the guys and their studies I always remind them that no class is any more important than the other and in general one class should not be missed to ‘study’ for another. The lesson in time management and getting work done in appropriate fashion is important.

That being said, I do want to support them if the guys feel that the odd time using lacrosse class to study is necessary but…do ask that they come see me, communicate to me, and arrange. Letting me know after the fact or not at all doesn’t help for attendance or PE/lacrosse marks and whatever missed can/will be made up.

Thanks – Darren